Kisses From Katie

I just finished reading the book Kisses from Katie.  (You can follow her blog here:  I could probably write a lot about Katie’s heart, the things she has done and continues to do as a young, single woman, and how you should definitely read it.  But I won’t drag on and on about the obvious.  It is clear the Lord is using her ministry in Uganda in great ways for His Kingdom.  You should definitely read her book. I do truly believe her vulnerability in writing the book will open up the hearts of American Christ followers to see how much adoption is part of the heart of God.  And that is something I get so excited about.

KFK cover 2

For those of us in Christ, we have been adopted into His family.  And once you get out into the world and see orphans, hold their hands, and feed them, you begin to see what it means for us to be adopted into the family of God.  My mission trip to Israel in 2010 opened my eyes drastically to what it means that we are “grafted in.”  There is no other reason for us to know God besides Him choosing us.

I will always tell people they need to travel.  There is absolutely nothing that compares to serving the church in different nations, praising God with brothers and sisters of a different culture, and experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit among His people everywhere.  But, some people won’t or aren’t able to…and they need to read this book.  Or one like it that will open their eyes to the reality of what the rest of the world goes through.  I read A Hole in the Gospel by Richard Stearns a few years ago and it was an incredible book along these same lines.

As those adopted into God’s family, we are required to take care of the orphans, widows, poor, and hungry.  The Bible is filled with talk about the poor.  There is no way to separate following Christ from taking care of the poor.  I loved reading Kisses from Katie, because she allowed her readers to see how she follows Christ’s mandates of loving the poor, taking care of the sick, and looking after orphans.  I just love having conversations about traveling and being with the Church in other places or reading others’ stories about their experiences living out Christ’s mandates.

In one of our first conversations, I asked Spencer what his views on adoption were.  (Seriously.  We jumped right into the big issues.)  We had already talked about how we are both passionate about other cultures and missions, and then finding out that he and I shared a passion for adoption as well was exciting and relieving.  And as we start this journey together of displaying the gospel through marriage, I am excited to think about how our story will impact others.  We want to care for the poor and hurting.  We want to travel and worship with the Church around the world and encourage disciples wherever we can.  We want to adopt and have a house full of children that we can raise in Christ.  We want to love as Christ calls us to.

We have only been married a month and a half, but we know the Lord is working behind the scenes to bring about His plan in our life together to glorify His name and build His kingdom.  It will be quite a joy to see how it all unfolds!



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