The Hurt and the Healer

I’ve been reminded quite often that this body I have will not last.  It gets hurt and sickness overtakes it.  Some days it is just in pain.  It gets exhausted and worn out.  It has bruises and scars.

The other day I heard Mercy Me’s song “The Hurt and the Healer” and just loved some of the lyrics.  It was a wonderfully refreshing reminder that this is not home.  This body will not last forever, and we all will be restored and well.  Our Lord will return and call His people home.  What a glorious day it will be!

Here are the lyrics:

It’s the moment when humanity
Is overcome by majesty
When grace is ushered in for good
And all our scars are understood
When mercy takes its rightful place
And all these questions fade away
When out of the weakness we must bow
And hear You say “It’s over now”


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