Living Well Together

In this journey of doing life together, we are definitely wanting to live well.  And recently that has involved us determining how we can live healthy and make good decisions for these bodies we have.

We started doing P90x after the wedding.  We just really enjoyed it and loved being able to do that together, but then once work started back up for both of us it was hard to keep that going.  Teaching just is tiring so when we get home we like to just be together, talk about our days, and cook dinner.  At some point we will start it up again.

Fall has arrived though!  And we love being outdoors, so plenty of walks and hikes and bike rides and such will happen.  And our dog, Chaco, loves the cooler weather.  He loves going to the park and taking walks, so he is bound to help us be healthy as well.

And, we have started taking Juice Plus.  Their research is phenomenal about the lack of fruits and vegetables that we, especially as Americans, are eating and how important they are.  You should definitely visit their website and watch the video.

We are thankful to have the farmer’s market here in Jackson to be able to get our produce.  And we are trying to not eat as much processed food.  It is a fun journey to be on together.  We want to take care of ourselves and be able to live well for our future children and families.  Being disciplined to eat better and healthy, stay active, and just take care of ourselves is part of our discipleship.  And we are glad to be able to start to establish this early on in our marriage.

Here’s to living well!


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