Thrifty Saturdays

One of our favorite things to do on Saturday mornings is going to garage sales and thrift stores.  (Well the thrift store outings can happen any day of the week.)  We pretty much never buy anything new.  It is so much better to hunt for good deals.  Some days we don’t find anything, but other times we definitely score. It is fun for us to go around Jackson to garage sales and hunt for treasures.  Yes, some sales are just filled with junk.  But sometimes, we find true gems!

And yesterday we found some gems.  Spencer got an Armani suit, Armani jacket, Burberry suit, and a really great bag for just $14 for all of it.  Not a bad deal, thats for sure.

Sometimes we just laugh about the neat things we find.  Awhile ago we happened upon a Nintendo 64.  We paid just a few dollars for it, and it’s a fun thing to have at home.  We stumble upon great clothes and books.  And some people have awesome antiques they are getting rid of.

Why buy things new?  We try not to!  You just have to be patient and learn to enjoy the hunt.  We love that time together.  And now that it is fall, our thrifty Saturdays are so much more enjoyable!


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