Just Being Honest

Honestly, some days I struggle

with anxiety

with caring too much about other people’s opinions

with working too much and not allowing my body, mind, and soul to rest

with feeling inadequate

with fear

with feeling like I don’t fit in

with trying to be in control

with always needing things clean and organized

with purpose

with worrying about the future


And sometimes I feel alone in those struggles.

But then I’m reminded that this is a fallen world.

And everyone struggles in some way.


And I’m reminded that the Lord loves me,

watches over me,

takes care of me,

walks with me,

works in me,

teaches me,

and provides for me.

In so many ways.


I’ve learned that the ways to fight those daily battles is to be in the Word, be truthful about them and talk to others about them, and live with gratitude.  When you find things to be thankful for (and there are always plenty of them), then the Holy Spirit works in amazing ways to calm your struggling, anxious, worrisome heart.  And it is vital to be constantly reminded of who God is.

No matter what, God is God.

If healing never happens, God is still good.

When circumstances aren’t favorable, God is still faithful.

When uncertainties are plentiful, God is still loving.


Through these daily struggles I am so thankful for a loving and understanding, caring and supportive husband.  He helps me in so many ways.  We balance each other incredibly.  And the gospel is constantly lived out as we walk in marriage.  God is amazing for ordaining this.


Just some random thoughts about honest struggles.


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