The Last Lecture

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend at the lake with my family.  It was really wonderful having everyone together and being out at the lake.  Unfortunately I spent a day with a headache.  Staying in from the boat isn’t fun, but it caused me to stumbled upon a great little read in the cabin….The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

This was definitely a gem.  Pausch was a university professor and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2007.  He wrote the book as a way to leave his legacy for his kids, who are still young.  And it basically sums up his lecture that was part of a “Last Lecture” series at the university.  There is so much hearty wisdom, practical knowledge, and hints of humor in this book.  It doesn’t take long to get through and really is wonderful.  He talks about making your childhood dreams a reality, and how he made that happen in his life.

The Last Lecture is definitely worth the small time it take to read it.  It is hard to sum up because Pausch talks about so much throughout the pages of his book.  It’s a treasure you won’t soon forget.



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