I love fall.  Since moving from Florida a few years ago, I have come to really love fall.  The orange, red, and yellow leaves, the crisp air, scarves and sweaters…it has become something I look forward to each year.  With fall comes a relief from the heat of summer.  Spencer and I have been on the road several times traveling east to Nashville, Maryville, and Asheville.  Driving in those areas during this time of year is splendid.  It has been refreshing for us to be around the Lord’s beautiful, vibrant creation.


Spencer and I at Ridgecrest in North Carolina in October.

And fall means Thanksgiving is approaching!  And I love Thanksgiving.  I love gathering with family and proclaiming our thankfulness for so many blessings together.  It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week, but I’m so glad it is.  It means a break from work and being able to spend time with family.  This really is a wonderful time of year.  And it is our first fall and holiday season as a married couple!  We are looking forward to this season together.


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