We rarely go to the movies.  It’s expensive.  And we have quite a collection of movies and shows on dvd to watch at home.  But every once in awhile we see a good movie out and go.

On our first official date summer 2011 we met up in the middle of where we both were, in Lawrenceville, GA.  I was in Montgomery, and Spence was working at Ridgecrest in North Carolina.  We spent the day together and went to see X Men: First Class.  It was the only thing worth seeing.  When we got back to Jackson that fall we went to see the last Harry Potter.  We saw the Avengers in theaters.

And this weekend we went to see Lincoln.


We hadn’t heard much about it, but the little we had heard was good.  We both love history, and so we thought going out to the movies would be a fun way to celebrate our 5th month of marriage and Spencer’s birthday.  The movie was a long one, at 2 1/2 hours.  But it definitely kept our attention.  It was so well done.  The acting was incredible.  It was pretty historically accurate.  And it made us both leave with a greater appreciation for American history.  We left wanting to learn more about that time period, which wasn’t that long ago.

The movie makes you cringe at some parts, as you wonder how people can think certain things.  It makes you want to cheer at some parts, as you see men stand up for what they believed in and knew to be right.  And it fosters great conversation afterward.  We would definitely recommend it!


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