Thanksgiving Mitchel Style

This year for thanksgiving we traveled to Franklin to spend it with my family.  It was a full house with us and Chaco (our lab retriever/husky one and a half year old dog), Chip, Alli and Austin, Amy, my parents and their two dogs Oakley (the 80 pound lab puppy) and Rudy (the old and wise Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and the cat named Kitty.  It was a completely full house.  Times can get chaotic when everyone is together in a not so large space, but we appreciate times like these because only the Lord knows where we will all be in the future.  So we treasure this time together.

My dad has always stressed the importance of family.  He worked so hard with every job he had in order to provide for us.  Family means so much to Spencer and I.  We can’t wait to see how God knits our family together in the upcoming years.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times.  We have a tradition of passing around a bowl of corn kernels   after the meal, and you some out and for each kernel share something you are thankful for.  It has always been a sweet time.  This year we didn’t have any kernels; they are probably packed in a box somewhere as my family is in a rental house.  So we used rolls instead 🙂  But it was a very special time.

It has been so nice to have a break from work.  We needed this time to relax and rest.  Even if our bodies won’t let us sleep in, it is nice to have the option of just staying in bed.  Watching cable tv is a luxury.  Wearing sweatshirts brings comfort.  Sharing laughter brings happiness.  It had been a treat to be able to help the family out with a few things for the business adventure as they opened store number two Wednesday.  We were so glad to be able to pitch in and do little jobs to help out since my parents and sister work so very hard all the time.  But of course we find time to have fun together too!

Even though there were several things about this Thanksgiving that seemed out of the ordinary (like spending a couple hours cleaning yogurt machines), and some might have changed certain circumstances (like trying to cook the meal in a small kitchen), if there is anything my family has learned through the years it is how to support each other and stick together.  You never know what to expect with the Mitchel family.  And I’m so thankful I was raised in it.  And now as Spencer and I continue are journey together we can’t wait to start our own traditions and continue ones we hold dear from our families.  We definitely have so much to be thankful for…daily.


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