Support Small Businesses Today!

Starting and running your own business is hard work.  Really hard work.  And takes lots of time and energy and loans.  We have seen my parents have a vision and turn it into a reality.

My dad has always wanted to own his own business and have it be a family venture.  And even though this is a complete 180 degree turn from what he used to do, he has dove in and swam with all his might in the small business pool.

My mom was blessed to be able to raise her four kids as a stay-at-home mom, so going back to work might have been a bit out of her comfort zone.  But she has done a tremendous job putting in her share and working way over full-time to help this be successful.

This is not something where you reap rewards right away.  You pour a ton of time, money, and exertion into starting something, unsure of how it will turn out.  It takes faith, strength, patience, understanding, flexibility, and perseverance.  Thankfully the Lord has allowed the Mitchel’s to go through many things that have taught us all, especially my parents, those things.

Today has been deemed Small Business Saturday.  So go out and support small businesses!  Because in doing so, you support the families that invested so very much to see their dream become a reality.  Instead of making purchases at big chain stores and instead of eating at overrated chain restuarants, buy quality merchandise and food at small, family owned stores and restaurants.  Your money will help them buy a house big enough for their family, visit their relatives, help their children go to college, let their daughters have nice weddings, support missions, and so much more.  And you help give people jobs.  Believe me.  It’s true.

Show your support of small businesses today!


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