“Waiting for Superman”

Last weekend Spencer and I watched the documentary called “Waiting for Superman.”  It is a full length documentary about America’s public school system.  I happened to come across the title recently, and I had remembered people talking about it at my Memphis Teacher Residency interview weekend a couple years ago.

The film dives behind the scenes of America’s lacking education system.  It reveals the politics involved with the unions and school boards.  It uncovers the faults of tenure.  And it shows how economic status dramatically affects one’s education.

It was quite eye opening as it followed a few different families in various cities trying to get the best education they could for their children.

The documentary reminded me of my passion for urban areas and underprivileged children.  It stirred up so much within me, I’m still processing it and trying to figure out what to do with those soul stirrings.

I definitely recommend watching it.

Hopefully it will stir you into action for some of the least of these here in America.



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