6 Months of Marriage!

On the 16th of December we celebrated 6 months of marriage!!!  Time has just flown by.  We have already learned so much about each other, ourselves, marriage, and the Lord in this short time together.

God has been gracious to let us stay in Jackson surrounded by our church community.  They let us sit in their homes and see their family dynamic.  They let us ask questions.  They let us be ourselves and share our hearts.  It is an honor to be able to learn from each other and be able to be part of a church community that truly resembles the church in Acts 2:42-45. We know this type of community is not promised and is not found everywhere, so while we are here we treasure it.  We are grateful to be able to be part of it during this early time in our marriage.

We constantly learn better ways to communicate.  Communication is so very important in any relationship and all the more so in a marriage (in every aspect of marriage).  We make the choice to talk.  It’s something that seems so simple, but in America today it is so easy to get involved in other things and be consumed by technology.

We choose to have fun.  Life can get busy.  Trials always come.  But in the midst of the chaos that can easily engulf us in western culture, we make the decision to laugh; we make the decision to spend time together; we make the decision to appreciate the little things.

We quickly established a budget. Early on we were on the same page financially and set financial goals together.  We choose to live simply and not extravagantly.

We choose to forgive.  In marriage, your flaws and selfishness seem to be illuminated.  No matter what is said, what is not said, what is done, or what is not done, we choose to forgive each other.  This always points us to our Savior and grows our love for Him and each other.

We really love marriage.  It is pretty awesome being married to your best friend.  Getting to share life and discipleship and this crazy journey together is a complete blessing.  It has been a joy learning about each other and marriage.  The Lord is always working in us.  We can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in the future!  No matter how hard the road gets, it’s going to be a great ride together!

Yayyyy for 6 months of marriage!


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