Bring on 2013!

There is no doubt 2012 was a year to be remembered for us.

Spencer and I spent the first month apart as he studied abroad in Paris, and I remained home in Jackson working.  The following months were spent wedding planning and marriage planning.  I was busy working two jobs and Spencer prepared for graduation.  We traveled for wedding showers and we fit in lots of fun somehow.  We moved our stuff into the house we are renting.  What a blessing it was to be moved in before the wedding!  And so in those couple of weeks between moving out of my apartment and the wedding, I stayed with a dear family from church.  Our wedding took place on June 16th.  And what a splendid day that was!  Everyone told us that it is a blur and just flies by.  So we were intentional about enjoying every moment and truly cherishing the day.

Since the wedding:  We have traveled to Costa Rica.  We got a dog.  Spencer started a teaching job.  I continued working two jobs.  Spencer has started teaching the high school Sunday school class at church.  I stopped working my part-time job at Lifeway.  We visited our families over the holidays.  We saw my sister get engaged.  We have had countless conversations about the future: kids, adoption, living overseas, jobs, etc.  We have grown in many ways and have learned an abundance and have experienced so much.

These first six months of marriage have included a vast array of emotions and experiences, lessons and growth.  God has led up, taught us, blessed us, provided for us, grown us.

After traveling for Christmas, we were delighted to spend some time at home.  We ended 2012 on a great note.

We cleaned the house, organized our garage and closets.  We were remarkably productive.  And we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was refreshing to establish an organized and neat house for the new year.  We started doing P90x again.  We love exercising and especially love working out together.  We want to live well and take care of our bodies.  I love that we are in this wellness journey together.  We had several date nights which were so much fun.  We have spent time reading together.  We’ve both made lists of books we want to indulge ourselves in this year.  Our library is probably our favorite room in our house.  Sitting and reading in it is relaxing and refreshing.

Overall this break has been wonderful.  We got to spend time with family and spend time at home.  As we go back to work this week, we go back rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever comes this year.  We are so glad to be on this journey together.

Some of our goals for this year (in no particular order):

-exercise consistently

-eat well

-read the Bible more than other books

-spend less time on the computer

-Spencer start his masters work

-Sarah take A & P I and II for nursing school and work on application

-travel somewhere we’ve never been

-read more

-save for house downpayment

-research adoption agencies

-be conscientious of saving money

-Sarah write more frequently

-accumulate less and give more

-spend more time in prayer together

We have no idea what we will face in the coming year.  The mountains we have to climb, the waters we have to wade through only God knows.  We will rest assured that He is with us always.

One of the verses I will hold fast to throughout this year is Psalm 9:1 “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.”

We will live with thankful hearts and be filled with gratitude no matter what we face.  And we will choose to remember the Lord’s provision, works, promises, faithfulness.  I have learned that when you look back on the Lord’s faithfulness in the past, you can be filled with a fresh strength to walk forward with confidence in Him.  And that is what we will continue to do.

We are excited to walk into 2013!  May our marriage and life be an encouragement to others, a light to the lost, and a testimony to God’s faithfulness and goodness.

Christmas 2012


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