Let Me Be a Woman

I recently finished Elisabeth Elliot’s Let Me Be a Woman.

Elliot wrote it as a wedding present for her engaged daughter.  It is filled with marriage advice in its simplest and purest form.  Simple because of the short chapters and straightforward counsel.  Pure because of Biblical wisdom displayed on every page. She has a distinctive writing style that doesn’t overwhelm you, yet leaves you examining your own heart and ways.  Elliot shares what Biblical womanhood looks like and what being a godly wife entails.  There is no doubt many in our culture would make a mockery of her humble words.  But truth must be told.  And Elisabeth Elliot remarkably provides insight into the role of a woman and wife, as God intended.

Let Me Be a Woman would be a perfect engagement gift or wedding shower present.  Modern women would do well to heed from the wisdom of Elisabeth Elliot.  I definitely recommend this book for any woman: single or engaged, married or widowed.

May women of the church rise up and claim our rightful roles and be the women God calls us to be.  In the midst of a world that tells us to be career minded, self promoting, shamelessly revealing, and power driven, may we accept our God-given role and learn to be gospel minded, selfless, modest, and humble for the glory of our Lord.

Let Me Be a Woman


One thought on “Let Me Be a Woman

  1. This is one of my all-time favorite books by one of my all-time favorite ladies. What a gift God has given us through her words drenched in wisdom and experience. I’m so thankful for her life to learn from and this blog to remind me of it!

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