Sitting in the Dentist’s Chair

Usually being able to leave early from work brightens one’s day.  But if you have to leave work because of a migraine and a dentist appointment, the brightness dims. I convinced myself to push through the pain and go to the appointment.  This dentist was recommended to us, and they really were wonderful!  I’ve never been one who was scared of the dentist.  But after the crazy times following my wisdom teeth removal a few years ago, a bit of nervousness sneaks up in me.

Anyway, as I sat there on the chair listening to the hygienist and mumbling my few responses, I was reminded of my looming job situation.  I wrote awhile back about this:

Somehow she started talking about someone who is going back to school.  And she brought up how sad and hard that must be to graduate with a degree, and then decide you need to go back to study something else.  How tough it must be to realize all the time and money you put into your studies should have gone towards something different.

I didn’t say anything.

Maybe because there hands in my mouth flossing my teeth.  Or maybe because I didn’t want her to know that’s exactly where I am now.

At first I wanted to be sad along with her.  Wonder how ahead of the game I would be if I already studied nursing.  And then I remembered what a joy, blessing, and privilege it was to study what I studied, where I studied it, under the professors I had.  I know without a doubt I had the right major.  I might not know for several years why, but I know it was right.  And now I anticipate going back to school.  It doesn’t have to be a sad or gloomy thing.

I will take this life, this journey, this mountain one day at a time and know my Lord walks beside me, before me, and behind me.  I am completely covered in His atoning grace and mercy, and my life testifies to the goodness and faithfulness of my Father.  No matter how confusing and crazy, hard and trying this life may get, I do not walk alone.  There is a reason behind it all.  Therefore, I will rejoice and be thankful always.


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