The power of mercy and music: Do yourself a favor and go see Les Mis.

This post might be a bit scattered.  But it all comes together in my mind.  I think it makes sense. So just stick with me for a bit.


Music is powerful.  Music is a tool that, if used properly, can change the hardest of hearts, provide hope to the forlorn, expose people to God, and direct people to His throne.  Good lyrics hold immense power.  Weighty lyrics and true emotion speak deeply.

Music can help give hope and strength to a junior in high school whose Dad was diagnosed with cancer and lost his job because of awful lies and allegations within 2 weeks of each other.

Music can help provide healing to a group of high schoolers who lost a friend in a car accident.

Music can connect races, build intense bonds, and crush the evil hatred of racist comments thrown at a high school choir.

Music can take an eclectic group of high schoolers from Winter Garden, FL and triumph in a world choir competition in Verona, Italy.

Music can help heal broken hearts.

Music can point wayward people towards redemption, the sorrowful towards joy, and the anxious towards peace.

Music can foster Scripture memorization, which years later can be recalled in the toughest of times.

Music can crash through language barriers and allow believers to worship the Father with one voice and share the love of Christ with each other.


Mix the power of good music with a story bursting with themes of mercy, grace, forgiveness, passions, and adoption and you have one incredible piece of art.

Les Miserables barged into theaters on Christmas Day.  I know of many people who haven’t seen the play, read the book, or seen the new film yet, so I will not spoil it.  But I will say it is a must see.  Hands down one of the best movies ever.  The acting was superb and the music was remarkable.  The story itself was incredibly moving.

Someone being shown mercy can be forever changed, and in turn show mercy to others.  That theme of mercy in the movie is beautiful.  Also, I had to take note of how adoption is woven into this story.  Some might not catch on to that one, but my heart leapt at a man taking in a young girl as his own.  Throughout the movie you see different characters passionately standing up for what they believe in.  It is exhilarating, epic, and emotional.  There is definitely a dichotomy between someone being freed by mercy and grace and someone being bound captive by law and government.  The church does play an important role in this story, and that will not go unnoticed by the millions of people that see this movie around the world.

This movie was filled with echoes from Scripture.  My Biblical studies trained mind was continually racing.

It was truly a masterpiece.

We saw it twice.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to the theaters twice to see the same movie before.  The first time, we both sat there fixated on the screen and so wrapped up in the story.  I will admit that I shed a tear or two.  The second time, we analyzed it more, and I jotted down tons of meaty lines.  Seeing it twice allowed us to further appreciate the film and all the work that was put into it.

Should everyone see it?  Absolutely not.  Prostitution, slavery, suicide, and deadly battles cover the screen at times.

But if you enjoy history, theology, music, or just a good story, you must see this film.  If you don’t enjoy any of those things, well maybe this might be just the thing to catapult you into such classic literature and epic art.

Let me know what you think of the movie!



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