A New Adventure with Juice Plus!

I first heard about Juice Plus from my aunt and uncle, who lived in California, about five years ago.  They spoke of this pill made of fruits and vegetables that gave them more energy and improved their health.  But unfortunately, I didn’t allow that news to stick at that time.  And about six months ago, my good friend Alice introduced me to Juice Plus once again.  Praise the Lord for her passion to share wellness with her friends!

Juice Plus makes so much sense to me because of the outstanding research that backs it up.  Seriously.  Read the articles and reviews about it.  It will amaze you.  (http://www.jpvf.info/JPVF.info/Introduction_to_the_VIrtual_Franchise_files/JPResearch-Summary.pdf)  The personal testimonies are wonderfully refreshing!  We live in a culture that promotes prescription medication, fast food, and poor health habits.  But Juice Plus provides an incredible alternative.

Since I added Juice Plus to my diet months ago, I am at peace knowing I am doing what I can to prevent disease and illness.  I know I am improving my immune system (which in the past has been quite awful).  I know I am making an investment in my future health and future children’s health.


Fruits and vegetables can decrease and prevent disease.  Have you ever been told that?  I heard that for the first time from Alice a few months ago, and Spencer and I’s lives are forever changed.

My dad had prostate cancer seven years ago.  I was never able to meet my paternal grandfather because he passed away from prostate cancer a few years before I was born.  My paternal grandma had breast cancer.  My maternal grandmother dealt with heart disease and high blood pressure.

I, personally, went through a year of intense pain because my immune system would not allow me to heal from a couple surgeries from pilonidal cysts.  And then I became prone to staph infections.  Let me tell you, those were awful times.  And I’ve dealt with migraines for the past 10 years.

I don’t want to take lots of prescriptions throughout my life or worry about getting certain diseases.

There are ways to fight these awful results of the fall.  Fruits and vegetables can actually reverse DNA damage.  Incredible!

Juice Plus is not a vitamin, but fruits and vegetables in pill form.  (http://www.juiceplus-naturalhealthsupplement.com) Check out the label on the bottle…it says Nutrition Facts instead of Supplement Facts…because it’s food!  It allows your body to get the plant-based, whole foods that your body needs.  It bridges the gap between what our body needs and what we don’t feed it.

Check out some quick facts about Juice Plus here:  http://www.juiceplusfacts.com

And all this to say:  I am now distributing Juice Plus!  Spencer and I are excited about this opportunity and want to talk to you about it.  We believe in this mission to bring health and wellness to everyone around us.  If you have any questions about wellness or Juice Plus, please ask me anytime!

Here is my website:  www.sconnatserjuiceplus.com

Also, Juice Plus offers what is called a Tower Garden.  They are so cool!  If you are interested about growing your own produce, check out my website about Tower Gardens here:  https://sconnatser.towergarden.com

I hope I get to talk to you personally about Juice Plus soon!  Here’s to living life to the fullest!


2 thoughts on “A New Adventure with Juice Plus!

  1. I love this!! I have taken Juice Plus+ for almost nine years now and it has done awesome things for my health too. And my kids who are now 6 years and 5 months are extremely healthy!! I especially love the research that shows JP helps repair our DNA so it helps us give our future kids a healthier genepool… WOW! That’s something we can do to turn the tide of disease in this country. And when you look at your beautiful healthy kids one day – you will see the benefits in them and you will be so grateful that you invested in your health before you got pregnant!!!!!!! Welcome to a great journey of inspiring others too! I can’t wait to meet you and your husband!! Kimberly

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