the Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

I just finished reading the Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler.

It is a wonderful book filled with Matt Chandler’s heart for the Lord and for the Church to truly grab hold of the whole gospel.  And I most definitely recommend it.  Chandler writes in an easy to read, yet academic way that I found intriguing.

Chandler splits the book into two parts dealing with the gospel on the ground and the gospel in the air.  The gospel on the ground is basically Jesus coming to Earth to redeem people from their sins and bring them back into right relationship with God.  The gospel in the air is God redeeming all of creation for His glory.  He gives great examples as to why you can’t have just one or the other approach to the gospel in regards to evangelism and discipleship.  Both are needed.  Both are the explicit gospel.

The Explicit Gospel will bring you back to your roots and remind you of what really matters.  You should take time to read this book.  Christians in America need it.  And even if you tell yourself you already know what the gospel is, you should still read it.  Chandler does a remarkable job of bringing the reader back to Scripture, as well as using the thoughts of early Christian thinkers to inform the reader, engage the reader in theological teachings, and allow the reader to feel the responsibility to pass the message along.  He wrote a book that needs to be read.  And nonbelievers need us to read it, so we can be better equipped to share the gospel, the true gospel, to those without hope.

Explicit Gospel


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