Nutrition Tuesday!

Did you know our bodies need 7-13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables a day? And if you are an athlete, you need even more (13-20 servings).

And at every meal at least half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants that your cells need to be healthy and perform well.

How do we practically accomplish this?

We have the answer!

Juice Plus has been out for 20 years and bridges the gap between what we actually eat and what our bodies need.  The nutritional quality is maintained in the fruits and vegetables that make up Juice Plus because of being juiced and dried at low temperatures.  It is NSF certified:  What is on the label is actually in the product.  What isn’t on the label isn’t in the product.  The Orchard Blend has 7 different fruits.  The Garden blend contains 8 vegetables and 2 grains.  And the Vineyard blend has 9 berries that are so very important.  There is no way to get this variety in your diet each day on a reasonable budget.

Vitamins do not prevent disease.  Whole foods do.

There are 10,000 nutrients in one apple.  Those are nutrients are bodies need and are tremendously lacking.

The FDA recognizes Juice Plus as a food source.  It has a food label not a supplement label.

Juice Plus is the most researched nutritional product in the world.  Seriously.  Check it out.  Universities and Institutions around the world have conducted third party research.  Research involving Juice Plus is published in medical journals around the world.  The research speaks for itself.  It is incredible.

A few proven benefits of Juice Plus:  

-It is absorbed by the body, not just eliminated.  

-Reduces oxidative stress (Oxidative stress leads to disease)

-Reduces systemic inflammation

-Supports a healthy immune system

-Helps protect DNA

-Supports cardiovascular wellness

-Supports healthy skin and gums

We are personally experiencing results and are at peace knowing we are preventing disease and illness in the best way possible.

It is totally affordable, especially if you look at it as part of your grocery budget and at the investment in not having as many doctor bills later on.

The Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blends (25 fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains) comes to less than $2.50 a day.  The Orchard and Garden Blends (17 fruits, vegetables, and grain) comes to less than $1.50 a day. 

And more great news?  Each adult on Juice Plus can sponsor a child for free!  Free!

So please ask us about it.  We want the people we love to not have to suffer from disease and illness, when most of them are preventable.

Check out our website: and email us at for more information.  Ask about Juice Plus, placing an order, or about the business itself.  We want to answer your questions!



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