An Honest Look at the Budget

We just worked on our budget.

We worked through the numbers, sifted through receipts, and stared at the computer screen adjusting and reconfiguring.  You’d think our solemn expressions afterwards meant we had just been involved with something devastating or tragic.  Yet, it was just the budget.

But in all reality, it can be a scary thing to review finances and look at the budget.


How can we be the wisest we can be with our money?

What can we change so that we can put more into savings?

Will we be able to make ends meet this month?


Every month we’ve asked similar questions.

Every month we’ve wondered how it will all work out.  

And every month the Lord has provided.


We so often hear about marriages being torn apart because of finances.  We refuse to be in the majority that don’t talk about money, don’t communicate in order to be on the same page, or live in an ignorant way that doesn’t reflect their actual income.

It is so easy to worry, stress, argue, or even ignore things related to finances.

But we refuse to.


For a quick minute after reviewing our budget, we both had the “oh my gracious” moment of wondering how it will work out.  But then we erased those thoughts and breathed in the peace of God’s continued faithfulness.

He has taken care of us and sustained us every step of the way.

Our Lord has provided in incredible ways throughout our marriage.

And today, we choose to trust Him again.


We cannot fear with Him beside us, behind us, and in front of us.

We cannot worry when our Savior has conquered the grave and sits enthroned in heaven.

May we as believers live differently than the world.  May we not get entangled in the traps of materialism and living beyond our means.  May we not outdo one another in material gain but in love and service.  May what we do with our money point the world to Christ.


One thought on “An Honest Look at the Budget

  1. Money can do funny things to relationships even to couples who are in love. I believe that every couple MUST work together on their budget in order to attain their goals. My wife and I have been budgeting for the last few years now and we are debt free. We will have our mortgage paid in full by next month. Money is NOT easy but it’s also NOT complicated. Two ways to look at it, either spend less or make more money and never spend more than you earn. Best of luck and pop around maybe something on my blog might inspire you! Cheers Mr.CBB

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