When My Heart is Heavy, I Choose to Trust

Uncertainties and sadness, mourning and grief filled this past week.

Sometimes words don’t satisfy.

Words fall short when it comes to a heart laden with troubles.

Our church family dealt with losses.  My family faces business and financial uncertainties.  I’ve learned of the hardships and losses friends are facing.  And Spencer and I are separated by an ocean right now.

Without going into the details of it all, the circumstances were more than enough to bring me to my knees and remind me of where my hope and trust lie.

Even on the darkest nights, hope is alive.  Because on the darkest night in history of the world, when hope seemed to be crucified, hope was being birthed.  The necessity of the crucifixion brought forth the miraculous joy of the resurrection.  And the beautiful promised resurrection brought forth the majestic ascension.  Hope burst through the darkness.

Therefore, it is more than okay that I don’t have the right words.  My words aren’t needed.

Peace, encouragement, comfort can only be left to the Counselor.

The Scriptures provide healing, joy, restoration, and hope.

And the glorious gospel reminds me that my trust is secure in my Savior.

When uncertainties surround me, I can fully trust in the promises already poured over me.  When fear begins to knock, I can claim the peace found in Christ.  When troubles abound, I can stand in the sweet joy that can be attained only through suffering.  When I don’t know what to pray, I can rest in the certainty that I have a High Priest that understands and intercedes.  And when my heart is heavy, I will choose to trust that my God reigns now and forevermore.


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