Hi, I’m Sarah. And I’m an introvert.

It’s true.

I’m an introvert.

Surprised?  Depending on what phase of life you know me from, you might be, or you might say, “Well of course you are!”

For most of my life I felt like I had to either change my personality to be more extroverted or just apologize for my introverted ways.  But the Lord has really taught me so much in the past few years about the way He creates people differently and how each individual personality is needed to complete the body of Christ and impact the Kingdom.

This time apart from Spencer has reminded me of how great of a team we are.  There are several ways we are different.  But we have learned that our differences can really compliment each other.  We’ve learned to communicate about how we each process things, deal with being around groups of people and different personalities, and handle various situations.

I am someone who really enjoys alone time.  Give me a comfy chair, cup of tea, and book and I’m happily content.  Being around lots of people or even just spending lots of time with people individually can wear me out.  I always need time to rejuvenate and rest afterwards.

But Spencer has a way of reenergizing me. Being with him constantly encourages me.  Being with him allows me to feel safe and comfortable being me.  He always ministers to my heart.  He loves me for me.  His love has taught me more about the love of Christ than anything ever has.  And I’m more than ready for him to be home!

All this to say, I’ve been reminded of my introverted personality while Spencer has been gone.

And I’ve been reminded of how God has created us all differently for a reason.

So whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, be who you are with confidence knowing that God has a reason for creating you the way He did.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure what you are and need to learn more about yourself.  The best book I’ve read that helps you figure out your personality is Vessels and Flowers. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Vessels-and-Flowers-ebook/dp/B00A2ZJ3S8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372033876&sr=8-1&keywords=vessels+and+flowers  The authors do an excellent job of revealing the ways different personalities function.

Once you begin to understand your own personality, you can better understand how to serve in the body of Christ and expand the Kingdom.  Our God is so creative and amazing.  He knows what He’s doing.  He is faithful and can be trusted.  It’s time to embrace who He has created us to be and serve Him in the best ways we each can not expecting others to be who they aren’t.  Let’s begin to appreciate different personalities.  The Kingdom will grow when there is unity in the body.

I’m an introvert.  And I don’t need to apologize for that.



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