A Year With Our Sweet Pup


We were crazy enough to get a dog after only a month into our marriage.  We might have jumped into just a few transitions all at once.

Chaco was already a year old when we got him from the pound.  So he knew basic things, but we still had things to teach him and help him trust us.  He might have made things a little extra chaotic at first.  Even still, he quickly became part of our family, and a year later we can’t imagine life without him.

Our sweet lab/husky is definitely going to have to adjust to the baby.  So once again our family will grow.  And once again it will be an adjustment, but it will be completely wonderful. We know Baby C will come to love Chaco as she grows up with him.

Cheers to life with pets and to growing families!

IMG_1104 Edited


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