Week 32 Baby Update

It’s true!  We are 32 weeks pregnant.  Crazy, huh!?  We are in month eight of this roller coaster ride.

And if I can be honest, I am so glad we are nearing the end of this.

Of course I am so very excited to meet our little girl.  But I’m also quite excited to not be pregnant anymore.

Some ladies love these nine months.  They love all the changes that happen and somehow are so elegant in the process.  But that hasn’t been me.  I can say that being pregnant hasn’t been an enjoyable process.

I’ve had friends ask why I haven’t taken the weekly bump photos.  Well, I think we’ve taken two.  But pictures involve looking decent.  And feeling decent.  So there was no way they were happening in the first trimester.  I went to work, somehow, and then came home and went to bed.  Then the next day did the same thing again.  It is wasn’t until about week 21 that there was any bump.  And most of the time I’ve been in t-shirts and athletic shorts.  So you couldn’t really tell I was pregnant for quite some time.  All in all, the cute pinteresty pregnancy photos didn’t happen and didn’t even come close to happening.  Sometimes just getting through each day is more than enough.

Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with getting sick like I did in the first half.  That was just awful.  We’ve had different stairs to climb in the second half.  The past couple months have been the can’t sleep-weird dreams-aches and pains-can’t breathe-baby kicks really hard phase.

But we are making it!  Not too much longer to go and our sweet little girl will be here.  And she officially has a name now!

Katherine Elizabeth Connatser

It might be a bit long, but we love it.  They are family names and have great meanings.  Katherine means pure and Elizabeth means God’s promise or God is my oath.

Pregnancy might not be fun or glamorous, at least for me.  But the truth about it all is that this crazy process testifies that life is a miracle.  We serve an amazingly creative God who really does knit each and every one of us in the womb.  And these long nine months of pregnancy, of pain and longing to just get through it all, echo the longing we as the church have to be truly home with our Lord.  As long as pregnancy seems to be and as hard as it can get some days, it is temporary.  There is a glorious end that makes it all worth it.


32 weeks


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