Dive Into the Old Testament

When people read Scripture, I think they tend to read more in the New Testament.  Believers love pouring over the gospels and the letters, which is without a doubt wonderful.  But the New Testament doesn’t make sense without the Old Testament.  The Old is the context for the New.  You can’t have the New without the Old.  And the Bible those first believers had was the Old Testament.

I’ve always been intrigued with the Old Testament.  Some of my favorite classes in college were the Old Testament ones.  And anytime I get to read something that sparks a greater love for those unique books I jump at it.

Recently I read two books that further instilled in me a desire to know my spiritual history more.  Francine Rivers’ book The Warrior and Priscilla Shirer’s book One in a Million are two fantastic books that bring you back to the roots of the Christian faith and the work the Lord did establishing His people.  The Warrior is a fiction book based on Caleb that truly grabs your attention and makes you turn to the pages of the Word and study him, his character, and his relationship with Joshua.  One in a Million deals with these same people and why they were allowed to go into the Promised Land.  Out of the two million Israelites that were redeemed from slavery in Egypt, only two were allowed into the promised land.  Shirer does a great job of giving the context of the Israelites’ years in the wilderness and why only two were allowed in, and she then applies it to modern day believers so that we can claim our inheritance without wandering.

These books were wonderful because of their ability to make you want to dive into the Word and study it for yourself.  I definitely recommend them.  They are easy to read and capture your attention.  And the best part is that the authors grab your attention and then turn it to Scripture.  Cheers to authors that can do that!

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