Manic Mondays

This fall semester ushered in a crazy season of life for us.

We’ve prepared for our little one, who will make her appearance any day now.

Spencer started year #2 of teaching, as well as driving the bus at times, working a part-time job at a photography studio, and to top it off started his master’s program.

Life is a bit crazy right now (but really, when is it not in one way or another?)!  For the next couple years it will be like this.  We know this is just a season.  Spencer won’t have to work these crazy hours forever.  We definitely have to view it as an investment in the future of our family.  And we are learning how to treasure the time we have together.  Most days that time together is just not very much.  It is so important for us to appreciate the time we do get and make the most of it.

Mondays definitely top  the list.  Spencer teaches all day and then has his master’s class until 9:00.  Sometimes I get to bring him dinner on his quick 15 minute break in the middle of class.  We take time together whenever we can get it!

I am incredibly grateful for how hard Spencer is working to provide for our family.  My love and respect for him continually grows.  All the long hours will pay off.  And I will get to tell our children how their daddy thought of them and provided for them before they were even part of our family.

In the midst of all that is going on, we constantly see the Lord’s provision and faithfulness.  He is growing us and maturing us and teaching us in all of this.  What more could we ask for?


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