K’s Room

After rearranging rooms and figuring out how to make all sorts of things work in Katherine’s room, we’ve finished!  People might say it is thrown together or too eclectic, but when you’re on a tight budget you learn how to repurpose furniture and personalize in your own way.  We got to figure it out together and had fun doing it.  We just love how it all turned out!  I already love sitting in there and praying for our little one.

The changing table was a great thrift find by Spencer’s mom.  It was white so we painted it a mint green.  The bins and baskets were being used around the house already, so we just changed a few things around and reorganized to be able to use them on the shelves.  The fabric banner was made from a friend and used at the shower our church had for us.  The letters I cut out from cereal boxes and wrapped them in yarn I already had.



It took some time for Chaco to get used to the changes around the house, but now that everything has settled in place he loves spending time in K’s room.  The chaise lounge was my grandma’s, and we love having the extra seating in there.  And anything that was homemade or from family is always extra special!


After rearranging rooms, we had an extra bookshelf so we turned it into K’s dresser/closet.  Her clothes are so small, and we don’t have the room for a big dresser and need the closet space for our own clothes.  The bookshelf was black so we painted it the same mint green as the changing table to make things a bit more cohesive.  We had the fabric bins on our registry, the basket we already had, and then just put in a dowel rod to hang some things.  The little Disney figurines were given to me by my grandma when I was a little one.  And the pretty little plaque was a gift from a sweet coworker and friend. Our little project is working out perfectly!


People go crazy with their diaper bags, especially in the South.  But if you know me, you know I don’t like really girly things.  This Eddie Bauer bag was perfect for us!  We were so happy to open it at a shower!  People thought Spencer picked it out, but it was me.  🙂


We painted the curtain rod and hooks ivory and got the curtains for just a couple dollars.  The bookshelf was on sale and great to use for books and other little things.


We are starting out using a cradle (great thrift store find) and just love it.  We can have it in our room and keep our little one close to us.  My parents blessed us with a crib, but it’s still in the box.  It’s waiting to be opened and put together for when family is here.  They’ll want a project, right?  🙂


The window coverings were floor length and less than a dollar!  I cut them down and sewed the bottom of them.


These aren’t perfect, but I like how they turned out.  🙂  I painted the verses on them and added some fabric flowers.


One shelf was black, one was yellow, and the mirror was blue.  So we painted the shelves to match the changing table and bookshelf turned closet.  And the mirror is painted with the same paint used on the curtain rods and hooks that hold the curtains back.  We tried to tie everything together so it’s not all so random.  The little different figurines are from my grandma (Dad’s mom) and my nanny (Mom’s mom) from when I was young.  And there are some old French books on the little shelf.


The rocking chair is from Spencer’s mom.  It is the one she used when rocking Spencer and his brother; we are so thankful to be able to use it now.  It was a natural wood color, so I stained it to match the little bookshelf and the cradle.  I found some cushions that were 90% off at Kohl’s!  The blanket hanging on the chair and the blankets in the basket beside it are all handmade from family and friends.  We love them all!



So there you go!  Now all we need is little Katherine…and she will join us any day now!


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