Nutrition Tuesday!

Did you know our bodies need 7-13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables a day? And if you are an athlete, you need even more (13-20 servings).

And at every meal at least half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants that your cells need to be healthy and perform well.

How do we practically accomplish this?

We have the answer!

Juice Plus has been out for 20 years and bridges the gap between what we actually eat and what our bodies need.  The nutritional quality is maintained in the fruits and vegetables that make up Juice Plus because of being juiced and dried at low temperatures.  It is NSF certified:  What is on the label is actually in the product.  What isn’t on the label isn’t in the product.  The Orchard Blend has 7 different fruits.  The Garden blend contains 8 vegetables and 2 grains.  And the Vineyard blend has 9 berries that are so very important.  There is no way to get this variety in your diet each day on a reasonable budget.

Vitamins do not prevent disease.  Whole foods do.

There are 10,000 nutrients in one apple.  Those are nutrients are bodies need and are tremendously lacking.

The FDA recognizes Juice Plus as a food source.  It has a food label not a supplement label.

Juice Plus is the most researched nutritional product in the world.  Seriously.  Check it out.  Universities and Institutions around the world have conducted third party research.  Research involving Juice Plus is published in medical journals around the world.  The research speaks for itself.  It is incredible.

A few proven benefits of Juice Plus:  

-It is absorbed by the body, not just eliminated.  

-Reduces oxidative stress (Oxidative stress leads to disease)

-Reduces systemic inflammation

-Supports a healthy immune system

-Helps protect DNA

-Supports cardiovascular wellness

-Supports healthy skin and gums

We are personally experiencing results and are at peace knowing we are preventing disease and illness in the best way possible.

It is totally affordable, especially if you look at it as part of your grocery budget and at the investment in not having as many doctor bills later on.

The Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blends (25 fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains) comes to less than $2.50 a day.  The Orchard and Garden Blends (17 fruits, vegetables, and grain) comes to less than $1.50 a day. 

And more great news?  Each adult on Juice Plus can sponsor a child for free!  Free!

So please ask us about it.  We want the people we love to not have to suffer from disease and illness, when most of them are preventable.

Check out our website: and email us at for more information.  Ask about Juice Plus, placing an order, or about the business itself.  We want to answer your questions!



A New Adventure with Juice Plus!

I first heard about Juice Plus from my aunt and uncle, who lived in California, about five years ago.  They spoke of this pill made of fruits and vegetables that gave them more energy and improved their health.  But unfortunately, I didn’t allow that news to stick at that time.  And about six months ago, my good friend Alice introduced me to Juice Plus once again.  Praise the Lord for her passion to share wellness with her friends!

Juice Plus makes so much sense to me because of the outstanding research that backs it up.  Seriously.  Read the articles and reviews about it.  It will amaze you.  (  The personal testimonies are wonderfully refreshing!  We live in a culture that promotes prescription medication, fast food, and poor health habits.  But Juice Plus provides an incredible alternative.

Since I added Juice Plus to my diet months ago, I am at peace knowing I am doing what I can to prevent disease and illness.  I know I am improving my immune system (which in the past has been quite awful).  I know I am making an investment in my future health and future children’s health.


Fruits and vegetables can decrease and prevent disease.  Have you ever been told that?  I heard that for the first time from Alice a few months ago, and Spencer and I’s lives are forever changed.

My dad had prostate cancer seven years ago.  I was never able to meet my paternal grandfather because he passed away from prostate cancer a few years before I was born.  My paternal grandma had breast cancer.  My maternal grandmother dealt with heart disease and high blood pressure.

I, personally, went through a year of intense pain because my immune system would not allow me to heal from a couple surgeries from pilonidal cysts.  And then I became prone to staph infections.  Let me tell you, those were awful times.  And I’ve dealt with migraines for the past 10 years.

I don’t want to take lots of prescriptions throughout my life or worry about getting certain diseases.

There are ways to fight these awful results of the fall.  Fruits and vegetables can actually reverse DNA damage.  Incredible!

Juice Plus is not a vitamin, but fruits and vegetables in pill form.  ( Check out the label on the bottle…it says Nutrition Facts instead of Supplement Facts…because it’s food!  It allows your body to get the plant-based, whole foods that your body needs.  It bridges the gap between what our body needs and what we don’t feed it.

Check out some quick facts about Juice Plus here:

And all this to say:  I am now distributing Juice Plus!  Spencer and I are excited about this opportunity and want to talk to you about it.  We believe in this mission to bring health and wellness to everyone around us.  If you have any questions about wellness or Juice Plus, please ask me anytime!

Here is my website:

Also, Juice Plus offers what is called a Tower Garden.  They are so cool!  If you are interested about growing your own produce, check out my website about Tower Gardens here:

I hope I get to talk to you personally about Juice Plus soon!  Here’s to living life to the fullest!

YOU need to watch this A.S.A.P.

Spencer and I rented the documentary Forks Over Knives from our library this past weekend.

Forks Over Knives

I’ve heard so much about it recently, but we were waiting for a time to be able to watch it together.  We like to process things together and be on the same page.  So when it comes to health and wellness, we want to learn together and be on this journey together.

We sat down for 90 minute presentation of a profound claim that food can be your medicine, phenomenal research, and jaw-dropping testimonies and results.

This changed our lives.

We want everyone we love to watch this 2011 enlightening work.  Please.

There is no way for me to accurately relay the information that was so well presented on the screen.  The research, medical findings, and personal stories shed light on the amazing healing power of plant-based whole foods.

Read about it here:

Watch it on Netflix.

Rent it from the library.

Whatever it takes…watch it.

And then let me know what you think.

A Night of Wellness: Quick Facts


Last Friday night, my dear friend Hannah and I spontaneously went out to Brentwood to hear a wellness presentation.  Wellness is something I definitely am passionate about.  There are several reasons why America is plagued with obesity and disease.  And awful eating habits are a huge factor.  Food plays such a pivotal role in health.  Sadly, people tend to look to medication rather than change what they eat to try to improve health.  Sometimes relying on medication pushes disease further into your tissues.  Of course, I’m not against all medicine.  But I have learned that there are wonderful ways to prevent sickness and disease rather than just fight them when they come.

We listened to Dr. Carol Watson, R.N. and N.D., share some really great facts about wellness.  Many of the things she shared I had heard before, but this time I was able to take notes in order to be able to share them.  She worked as an R.N. in critical care for many years and said, “I was saving lives, but I didn’t know how to prevent the pain, suffering, and disease.”  There is a reason why other countries don’t have the diseases and sicknesses that we have here in America.  And here are a few notes worth sharing:

-We don’t have drug deficiencies; we have whole food deficiencies.

-When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  When diet is right, medicine is not needed.

-Over 9.6 million older adults suffer from drug-induced side effects and death every year. (Dr. Sydney Wolfe)

-Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

-We are living creatures and so our bodies need living food.  The only thing that qualifies as living is raw food.  (If you cut a carrot and put it in a glass of water, it will grow roots.  If you cook a carrot and then put it in water, no roots will grow.)

-There is no such thing as junk food.  It is either junk or food.

-Trans-fats cause inflammation and calcification. Trans-fats are banned in Europe.  They didn’t exist until after 1903.  Their purpose is to allow something to sit on a shelf for lengthy amounts of time.

-Our bodies are self healing.

-We need 40 grams of fiber a day.  80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system.

-Most people think they can just take vitamins to make up for what they need and aren’t getting.  But, for the most part, no one regulates vitamins.

-3 Basic Rules:  (1) If you can’t read it, don’t eat it.  (2)  If man changed it, exchange it.  (3)  If it doesn’t rot or sprout, throw it out.

-A fresh, whole, clean apple has over 12,000 vitamins and minerals.

-Fruits and vegetables can reduce DNA damage.

-Juice Plus (fruits and veggies in pill form) bridges that gap between what we need and what we eat. Research it.  And then ask me about it.  I’d love to talk to you about it.  Seriously.


Some resources to look at that Dr. Carol Watson shared with us:

-Time “Why DNA is Not Your Destiny” 2010

-The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

-Best Pills, Worst Pills by Dr. Sydney Wolfe

-Reader’s Digest, “The Vitamin Scam” April 2010

-Medscape, “Dark Side of Vitamins” The Year of Medicine in 2011

-Consumer Reports, “10 Surprising Dangers of Vitamins and Supplements” September 2012

Living Well Together

In this journey of doing life together, we are definitely wanting to live well.  And recently that has involved us determining how we can live healthy and make good decisions for these bodies we have.

We started doing P90x after the wedding.  We just really enjoyed it and loved being able to do that together, but then once work started back up for both of us it was hard to keep that going.  Teaching just is tiring so when we get home we like to just be together, talk about our days, and cook dinner.  At some point we will start it up again.

Fall has arrived though!  And we love being outdoors, so plenty of walks and hikes and bike rides and such will happen.  And our dog, Chaco, loves the cooler weather.  He loves going to the park and taking walks, so he is bound to help us be healthy as well.

And, we have started taking Juice Plus.  Their research is phenomenal about the lack of fruits and vegetables that we, especially as Americans, are eating and how important they are.  You should definitely visit their website and watch the video.

We are thankful to have the farmer’s market here in Jackson to be able to get our produce.  And we are trying to not eat as much processed food.  It is a fun journey to be on together.  We want to take care of ourselves and be able to live well for our future children and families.  Being disciplined to eat better and healthy, stay active, and just take care of ourselves is part of our discipleship.  And we are glad to be able to start to establish this early on in our marriage.

Here’s to living well!