Share Your Story

There is empowering freedom that comes from authenticity.

This age of social media has us isolated. We have never been so connected and yet so lonely. In a world of perfect Pinterest pins and only the most beautiful moments shared on Instagram, it is easy to start comparing your life to others and think you are alone in your daily struggles of the mundane chaos.

But, I have been reminded quite a few times recently that when you open up about real life, others are willing to share their stories with you.

They aren’t just willing to share. They want to share; they need to share; they need someone to understand, to listen.

I know full well it is not easy to open up to people. It has taken me years to overcome my natural instinct of suppressing thoughts and feelings, emotions and struggles. I continue to fight that battle daily.

But we are not meant to struggle alone. And as hard as it may be, we need to be vulnerable in community. Vulnerability breeds authentic relationship. May you be encouraged to know you do not have to fight alone. You do not have to suffer alone. Your struggles, stories, sorrows can breathe encouragement, strength, refreshment into another. And when you allow yourself to open up to someone else, that person in turn can encourage, strengthen, refresh your soul as well.

Your story needs to be told.

Your story matters.

You matter.

And you aren’t alone.