Recently we have had so many conversations about adoptions, been involved with fundraisers for adoptions, or been researching for our own adoptions.  It just seems to be an abounding topic these days.  It brings so much joy to my heart to learn of people in our community of Jackson adopting.  And I love learning about the creative ways they are all raising money to fund their adoptions….cookbooks, clothing swaps, earrings, and all sorts of wonderfully creative things.  In fact, some friends in Montgomery, AL that are very dear to my heart are coming quite close to bringing their son home from the DRC!  And they have a friend selling these awesome ornaments as a fundraiser for them.  Definitely check them out here (and buy some!):

Adoption is a topic that we are passionate about.  Hopefully we can start the adoption process in the near future.  And my sweet little sister has started a fundraiser for us.  I cannot describe how proud I am of her.  She is selling some really wonderful burlap wall art pieces with Bible verses.  She gave one to me last year for Christmas and I just love it.

Check out her website here:

It will be an exciting journey these next few years as the Lord unfolds His plan for our lives and family.  He is good and faithful, and we will proclaim that no matter how hard circumstances get.  It is a beautiful thing to see the church working together to look after the orphans of the world.  May the Lord continue to stir a love for the least of these in His people.