I’m so much like her.

I’m sitting here rocking my almost nine month old daughter.

We are both crying.

She’s fighting sleep, as usual. And I’m fighting constant exhaustion.

I just came back in to hold her after leaving her in her crib for a few minutes. She cried and I cried. I knew it would happen as soon as I laid her down.

But I had to step away. Just for a moment. Just long enough to step in the other room and fall to my knees and cry out to my Jesus. Tears flowed and I prayed. She cried and I cried.

And as I came back in to hold her, all I could think was how alike we are. This little one needs me every moment and depends on me for everything. She’s helpless on her own. She can’t fall asleep without help. So when she is tired, I can comfort her to rest.

There are times I have to let her cry, but that doesn’t mean I’m not crying with her.

There are times I walk into the other room, but that doesn’t mean I have left her.

There are times I don’t let her do things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her.

She doesn’t always see me and definitely doesn’t always understand what’s going on, but she is never alone and my intentions are always for her good. She needs me, and it is a need that echoes the deep human need for a Savior.

There are times I cry, but I know my God sees every tear that falls.

There are times I feel alone, but I know my God never leaves me nor forsakes me.

There are times I just don’t understand what or why or when or how, but I know my God works everything out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

I am nothing without my Savior. And I am so thankful for the picture this morning that just as I hold my little one in my arms, my Savior holds me. Knows me. Loves me. When I am worn out and exhausted in so many ways, my Savior whispers for me to come to Him and find rest in Him.